interior designer Newport Beach


Helena Brana is a European interior designer based in Corona del Mar.


Originally from Prague, Helena was immersed in architecture & design from a very young age. The combination of a lifelong connection to a sophisticated city environment, along with extensive travel and living around the world has been the foundational inspiration in her designs.


Helena’s trademark approach is always forward-thinking design with an elegant, contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic infused with mindfulness of her clients style & needs resulting in an exceptional living environment. Her attention to detail, selection of high-quality products, and thorough search & custom creation of one-of-a-kind pieces & materials turn all client’s projects from ordinary to extraordinary.


What sets BRANA Designs apart are Helena’s exclusive worldwide sources & artisans that she personally selects and works closely with, composing an international showcase homes with leading pieces, as seen in high-profile projects she successfully completed.


Each project is an exciting journey and it’s BRANA Design’s pleasure to guide our clients through that journey.