Our Philosophy


1] One-of-a-kind designs: We don’t copy paste from one project to the next. All of our designs are exclusive to each client. We spend a lot of time listening and getting to know their tastes and lifestyle to create the perfect home.  

2] Say bye bye to Classic Beachy Look: Unlike many West Coast designers who use very similar styles in their projects, we will spin that style on its head and give it a fresher feel. We work with high-end European product designers and products rarely seen in the US.

3] Organic and natural: Whenever possible, we like to use materials made by mother nature, mixed with modern design. As you can see throughout our portfolio, it’s our signature style. You’ll be surprised by the variety of materials we can find. It’s not all wood and cotton! But also marble, glass, linens, rattan, wool, leather and many others, including loads of plants…


About your designer


BRANA designs’ founder Helena Brana is based in Corona del Mar, California.


Her signature style, what she calls ‘’Organic Contemporary’’, is elegant, smart and comfortable. It blends beautifully with the coastal Californian lifestyle and melds nature & urbanism together with a fresh look and feel.


Helena loves European and Japanese design, clean lines, and isn’t afraid of contrasts and colors. She excels in balancing contemporary design with organic natural materials. She is especially talented at finding the perfect color scheme for your home and spotting rare and trophy items for your space. But, more importantly, she will take the necessary time to capture a vision and turn it into reality.


Originally from Prague, she was immersed in architecture & design from a very young age. Her father, an architect, gave her an eye for detail, a great design sensibility and the ability to remain rational while being creative- not always an easy feat. Helena has lived in France and Belgium and traveled extensively in Europe and Asia that has inspired her a lot in her designs.  


After obtaining a political science degree, Helena pivoted and turned to interior design because of her passion for creating a personalized environments. Her goal is to infuse sophistication and nature in your home, making it a nest where you, your family, your friends feel comfortable, cocooned and privileged.


In addition to her industry skills, Helena cooperates on larger scale projects with Real-Estate Development company CdM HOMES so she has a wide network of contractors, a deep knowledge of the residential market and she understands very well how to add value to properties. 


She believes that being a great listener is a key quality in being a great designer, and she cherishes the relationships she builds with her clients. Helena takes pride of her exclusive custom oriented approach and transforming clients spaces into homes that leaves them connected with nature in today’s urbanism….


’because where and how you live – always matter.’’