What we do.

1) One-of-a-kind Interiors. All of our designs are exclusive to each client. To achieve that goal, we devote a lot of time listening and getting to know your tastes and lifestyle, with the result of creating a home that you love and are proud to show.


2) Exclusively sourced furniture. Unlike many designers who use only ”locally accessible” furniture that you can find in every other home, we do extensive research to find the perfect furniture and statement pieces for you, sourced exclusively in Europe and around the world. In short, we want you to feel special.


3) Organic and Contemporary. We love incorporating materials made by mother nature into our contemporary and modern designs. In fact, it’s our signature style. 


4) Photorealistic 3D renderings. We’ll create for you photo-realistic renderings with several options to help you visualize your space and make the right decisions before we even start!


5) Maximizing the potential and value of your home.

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Founder & Principal

Helena Brana is a European interior designer creating One-of-a-kind Showcase spaces bespoke to you.


Originally from Prague, she was immersed in architecture & design from a very young age.


The combination of a lifelong connection to a sophisticated city environment, along with traveling around the world appreciating nature, has been the biggest inspiration in her designs.


She loves embracing clean lines and curves but is not afraid to contrast colors and textures. She excels in balancing contemporary design and urbanism with natural materials and love spotting trophy items that turn a space from ordinary to ”WOWHence her signature style ”Organic Contemporary’. Which is elegant, sophisticated, and comfortable. 

”My goal is always to turn your vision into reality and design a living space that you LOVE—a place infused with sophistication and nature that becomes a nurturing environment where you, your family, and friends can engage and feel comfortable.” – Helena Brana