helena brana

Founder & Principal

Meet Helena Brana, an acclaimed European interior designer hailing from the beautiful city of Prague. Currently based in Corona del Mar, Helena opened her atelier in 2018 and has since crafted some of the most extraordinary homes across Europe and the United States.


Helena’s passion for design stems from her love of creating spatial experiences that challenge conventional boundaries, while seamlessly blending creativity and functionality.


Drawing inspiration from her worldwide travels, observations of Mother Nature, and architecture, she has developed a signature Elevated Organic Contemporary Aesthetic that imbues her projects with more of a global perspective. Her keen eye for detail is evident in her use of innovative technologies, unique pieces, and custom creations, as well as her collaborations with artisans she has discovered around the world.


By combining her clients’ dreams with unparalleled solutions, Helena’s approach results in emotive, functional, and beautifully designed interiors that are both human-conscious and stunningly crafted. With her extraordinary talent and commitment to excellence, Helena brings her clients’ vision to life, creating living spaces that are as exceptional as they are inspiring.