helena brana designs

Founder & Principal

Meet Helena Brana, an acclaimed European interior designer hailing from the beautiful city of Prague and now based in Corona del Mar. Since establishing her atelier Brana Designs in 2018, Helena has curated exceptional homes across Europe and the United States. Her passion for design is rooted in creating spatial experiences that push conventional boundaries, harmonizing creativity with functionality & sophisticated look.


Influenced by global travels, observations of nature, and architectural inspirations, Helena has cultivated a signature Elevated Organic Contemporary Aesthetic that infuses her projects with a global perspective. She integrates innovative technologies, unique finishes, bespoke furniture, and lighting, collaborating with exclusive brands and artisans. Additionally she annually visits prestigious events like Salone del Mobile in Milan or Maison & Objet in Paris. Helena’s commitment lies in providing exclusive sources rather than relying on locally known & mass-produced products.


Her approach combines client dreams with unparalleled solutions, resulting in emotive, functional, and beautifully designed interiors that are both human-conscious and stunningly crafted. With her extraordinary talent and commitment to excellence, Helena transforms clients’¬†visions into living spaces that are both exceptional and inspiring.