Discover I: Explore Corona del Mar With an Interior Designer’s Eye

DISCOVERY I: Corona del Mar

Exploring Newport Beach neighborhood, Corona del Mar with an Interior Designer’s Eye!

cdm restaurant photo by Brana Designs

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you our first Discovery Post about a place that’s truly close to my heart, Corona Del Mar: One of the most charming neighborhoods in Newport Beach. 

Whether you live around this area, have heard about it, or live on the other side of the globe and don’t know anything about Corona del Mar, this post will give you a glimpse into the many things I’ve learned about its unique design character!

As you may know, I am an interior designer in Newport Beach creating Contemporary Show-stopping interiors at the end.

Through this Discovery Post, you will experience with me a personal interior design experience of the Newport Beach neighborhood, Corona Del Mar.

I hope you enjoy my design journey with a global focus as we travel from Central Europe to Southern California.

Corona del Mar Design Experience

Who doesn’t love Corona del MarTranslated the “Crown of the Sea,” it is one of the most charming yet upscale places to live in Southern California. This gorgeous “village” is famous for its blend of adorable original cottages from the 1940’s as well as luxury contemporary homes. 

The community is home to cute little boutiques, a strongly united community spirit, and a rich history. It also has some of the best places to dine. One of my favorites is CdM Restaurant that truly stands out with its delicious meals, interior design, and always a great atmosphere and that’s why I wanted to feature this place in this post.

CdM Restaurant.

CdM Restaurant is newly redesigned space by Robinson Hill Architecture and Betsy Van’t Hoff. The interior design for the restaurant clearly drew inspiration from the likes of original London’s Soho House. This is evident in the rich blue velvet booths, eclectic light fixtures, and dramatic undertones. Flooring has a vintage look while the lines of the furnishings and fixtures incorporate contemporary styling. The effect is truly stunning making it a very inspiring place to dine in or have cocktails.

CdM Restaurant’s visual appeal doesn’t stop at the first view. The design elements serve as a backdrop to enhance the entire dining experience. Hand-crafted cocktails are served in elegant barware while signature dishes made from hand-selected ingredients are served with care on visually stunning plates. There’s even homage to its predecessor in the same location.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a new favorite, the downstairs speakyeasy called ”Under the CdM” that allows one to move from the to an even more intimate experience. 

Don’t make this petite place fool you. CdM’s Speakyeasy can be both a very private and engaging place at once. Whether you’re in a cozy corner having a cocktail or enjoying a bit of whimsy and playfulness with its Photo Booth, its continuous Soho’s design enhances the experience of being in on “the secret”.

Its colors scheme changes from the deep blue to the red velvet, adding it extra timeless, yet sophisticated and upscale look. 

The chic, contemporary environment of CdM Restaurant lends a warmth, welcoming and inspiring feel and encourages everyone to come back.

Moving from my local favorite restaurant interior experience, another beautiful experience in Corona del Mar are its neighbors like Irvine Terrace, Morning Canyon, and Spyglass Hills as well as Corona del Mar Village with its unique streets named for flowers, which make this unique space even so enchanting. 

My love for this area has grown even stronger because of the incredible ocean views, which provide a breathtaking backdrop for the magical California sunsets. Visiting the ocean front to watch the sunsets is part of my daily routine and inspiration for my upcoming first design collection inspired by nature & travel. (More details coming soon!)

I hope you enjoyed our first Discovery Post and Design Experience in Corona Del Mar and my most favorite place to dine here, CdM Restaurant, because there is more coming soon!


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