Interior Design Los Angeles


Interior Design Los Angeles BRANA Designs an interior design studio that creates personalized interiors that stand out!

Our signature style ”Organic Contemporary”  is unique, colorful and sophisticated interior design style also beautifully balances natural materials with contemporary designs.

We are based in Corona del Mar and we work extensively in Los Angeles as well.

Interior Design Los Angeles

Interior Design Los Angeles

Interior Design Los Angeles. Learn more about this project Pacific – Modern Interior Design.


Interior Design Los Angeles – Speaking about Los Angeles, why there?

Short Answer: We enjoy working for a broad spectrum clients. What they all have in common is that they all want spaces that stand out!

Long Answer: We love Los Angeles and we recognize its very different from any other city in the world. Besides having great weather, the Los Angeles lifestyle is very casually sophisticated as well as art and culture-oriented.

It is a place that often sets interior trends for the rest of the world. Our signature Organic Contemporary ™ style is on the cutting edge bringing new natural materials sourced from all over the world to contemporary design. From sustainable fabrics for upholstery to new materials that are grown to be used in fixtures, furnishings and installations.

Our “nature-connected “designs make modern and contemporay compatible with warm and comfortable.


Best Interior Designer Los Angeles, CA?


“Clients from Los Angeles usually come to us looking for interior design thats unique, and very personalized.
They don’t come to us for cookie cutter or copy paste home designs”
says Helena Brana, founder of BRANA Designs.
“And we really enjoy working on diverse projects and that push beyond the ordinary. We listen to our clients,
get to know their tastes and lifestyles and then strive to surprise them while creating
the fingerprint spaces they have dreamt of.”



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We create personalized interiors that stand out!


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Looking for an Interior Designer in Los Angeles?

 We serve in Los Angeles areas: be it downtown Los Angeles, Bel Air, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach etc.


Modern Interior Designers?

We love modern designs and we are good at it! Our signature style ”Organic Contemporary” ™ is sophisticated, smart and comfortable. Its a way of living in urban city yet being surrounded by nature.


Best Interior Designers in Los Angeles 2020?

We are one of the best interior designers in Los Angeles. Each of our design project is very unique to each client, but they all have something common – they stand out!



Media that talk about us!

BRANA designs have been mentioned in media both online and printed!


Discover Luxury Homes  whose goal is to show case luxury homes in Southern California. It was pleasure to be in such a magazine and share about our philosophy and signature ”Organic Contemporary” style.

Interior Design Los Angeles BRANA designs Discover Luxury Homes

Interior Design Los Angeles BRANA designs about Natural Materials in Contemporary homes in Discover Luxury Homes Magazine


Our article is about how we transform modern and contemporary spaces that some people connects to cold and austere spaces, into comfortable interiors connected to nature while still looking modern. Hense the name of our style ”Organic Contemporary”.


RUNWAY MAGAZINE shared interview about colaboration between interior design studio BRANA designs and Italian fashion brand ANTORINI.


RUNWAY magazine BRANA designs and fashion brand ANTORINI

RUNWAY magazine BRANA designs and fashion brand ANTORINI

This interview is about how the love for both fashion and interiors is connected and can co-exist together. We talk about our projects and about our future works.


Other magazines that mentioned us are for example Realtor or Dwell.



Showcase of interior design portfolio in Los Angeles

contemporary interior designer
Modern black and white/monochromatic living room in Los Angeles

black and white bedroom interior design
Modern black and white/monochromatic Master Bedroom in Los Angeles.

Learn more about this project Mellow Drama – Unique Interior.


Why to work with us?

  • Our designs are unique to each client 
  • We are great at spotting trophy items
  • Natural and sustainable materials
  • We are fast and efficient


Our designs are unique

We don’t copy paste from one project to the next. All of our designs are exclusive to each client. We spend a lot of time listening and getting to know their tastes and lifestyle to create the home thats perfect for them.


We are great at spotting trophy items

Unlike many West Coast designers who use very similar styles in their projects, we will spin that style on its head and give it a fresher feel. We work with high-end European product designers and products rarely seen in the US.


Natural and sustainable materials

Whenever possible, we like to use materials made by mother nature, mixed with modern design. As you can see throughout our portfolio, it’s our signature style. You’ll be surprised by the variety of materials we can find. It’s not all wood and cotton! But also marble, glass, linens, rattan, wool, leather and many others, including loads of plants.


We are fast and efficient

We can be done with the design scheme as fast as one month.


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Where do you find Interior Design Los Angeles?

We are very excited to chat with you about your dream project and make it true!

We work in both in Los Angeles and Corona del Mar areas.

Reach us at 949-423-3534 or





How it works?

Process from the initial consultation to sourcing FF&E for you!


  1. After you contact us, we will schedule initial consultation. The initial consultation is all about you – we will learn about you, your taste and your lifestyle as well as seeing your project so we know what exactly will be the scope of our service.
  2. We will present you our ”Story board” that includes color schemes, ideas, furniture, layouts and everything else we have learnt and covered about your needs at the initial consultation.
  3. When the final Story Board is perfect for you, we will start working on furniture selection based on your budget. Than we will create 3D Renderings that will show you exactly how your space will look like with furniture you liked and it will help you to avoid costly mistakes. The good thing about 3D Renderings is that we can try many options.
  4. Once you are happy with the furniture selection and how it looks in your space, there are two options. Either you choose to buy all yourself and we will provide you informations where to buy it, or you can  source FF&E through us. We are more than happy to source all FF&E for you and save you lots of your time.
  5. When is FF&E sourced through us, we are there for you from the time it arrives and checking if all is allright till its installed. We can arrange for you also white glow service or suggest you contractors as needed.



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