Interior Designer Los Angeles and Newport Beach

BRANA Designs is a Boutique Interior Design Studio creating One-of-a-kind interiors – an escape from copy-paste designs!

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Interior Designer Los Angeles and Newport Beach.

BRANA Designs is a luxury design studio found by Helena Brana, an International European Interior Designer based in Los Angeles and Newport Beach.

“Our clients in Los Angeles or Newport Beach usually come to us looking for interior design that’s unique and personalized. They don’t come to us for a cookie-cutter look” 


”With us, our clients exactly see how their space will look like before we even start through Photorealistic 3D Renderings.”


Interior designer Los Angeles & Newport Beach

interior designer los angeles Helena Brana



I am Helena Brana, interior designer and founder of BRANA Designs.


I love interiors and my goal is to create beautiful homes that are also functional and comfortable.


A home that you love and feel proud of… that feels like you… and where you can engage with family and friends! 


In addition, I love incorporating natural materials (I call it ‘Organic Contemporary Philosophy’) and spotting trophy items around the globe that turn a space from ordinary to ‘WOW’.


I believe that you deserve home unique to you, your tastes, needs, and lifestyle. Hence we never copy-paste from one project to the next. 


In short, we want you to feel special! And if that’s your vibe, we may be the right interior design studio for you!


PS: I also provide 3D Renderings with several options to help you visualize your space and make the right decisions before moving to the shopping phase!


With us, you can be assured your space will be exclusively tailored to your needs and lifestyle while maximizing its potential and looking its best.

One-of-a-kind Designs.

We don’t copy-paste from one project to the next. All of our designs are exclusive to each client. We spend a lot of time listening and getting to know their tastes, needs, and lifestyle to create the home they dreamed of…


We are great at spotting trophy items.

Unlike many West Coast designers who use very similar styles in their projects, we will spin that style on its head and give it a fresher feel. We work with high-end European product designers and products rarely seen in the US. 


Natural materials.

Whenever possible, we like to use materials made by mother nature. We also write amazing Organic Contemporary Blog where you can learn about our philosophy, unique natural materials, the project behind the scenes, and many more!


3D renderings.

We don’t rely only on Mood boards, our clients will exactly see how their place will look like through Photorealistic 3D Renderings to help you make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes.


We are fast, thorough, and efficient.

We are a boutique design studio and we work on selected projects at a time. This way, we can pay full attention only to your project and finish it successfully.

We help our clients transform their living environments into a dream home that they LOVE, while maximizing its potential and looking its best. Not to mention, we make the process fun and exciting.’ Helena Brana, founder

Interior Designer Los Angeles and Newport Beach


Learn about you, your life, needs, likes, and dislikes

Evaluate your home

Set goals

Receive a clear plan

Design Concept

Color palette, furniture selection, cabinetry selection, appliance selection, art & decor, custom designs

Floor plan, lighting plan, cabinetry


Photo-Realistic 3D Renderings

Procurement: Purchasing, receiving, inspecting & delivering

Project Management

Weekly On-site visits & updates




The goal of the first phase is to gain a better understanding of your vision, taste, lifestyle, and project scope.

As well as taking precise measurements and photos of the space, and evaluating its current condition and needs.


Before we start designing and selecting anything, we spend a lot of time researching ideas, inspiration, and overall feel for each room.

At this stage will present you with Mood board, Space plan, 3D Visualizations, Custom drawings, and Material samples.

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Once you are happy with the selections, we will start placing an order from our suppliers on your behalf and take care of the rest from receiving, inspection to delivery to you. 


How can I choose the right furniture and finishes if I can’t visualize how it would look like at my home?

You don’t have to worry about it at all. We help you visualize your space by creating Photorealistic 3D Renderings for you based on your taste, and needs that we have discussed during our initial meeting and mood board feedback.

We will present your renderings with several options that work around your style to help you visualize your home and make the right decisions to avoid costly mistakes before we even start.

interior designers los angeles

How do I know if you are the right interior design studio for me?

We are not trying to be all things for everyone, everyone has their own vibe.

Generally, our clients are busy professionals who love a modern, sleek, and sophisticated aesthetic and who value straightforward stress-free processes as possible. 

That’s what we believe and deliver.

We are honest in our communications, available when needed, detail-oriented in every aspect of the design process, transparent in our pricing and mostly, we never copy-paste from one project to another.

We strive for One-of-a-kind designs as we believe that everyone is unique. In addition, unlike other designers, we don’t only rely on local ”accessible” sources, we do extensive research on furniture and source the perfect furniture and statement pieces specifically for your home exclusively in Europe or around the globe. 

In short, we want you to feel special, show your style, and be proud of your home!

If that’s your vibe, we cannot wait to speak with you about your project.

Do you also work on a project that is outside of your location Los Angeles or Newport Beach?

Absolutely. We finished projects back in Europe right from our office in Southern California. We use the same process as it would be a project right here in Los Angeles or Newport Beach. 

The only difference is that your contractors will execute the project.

What if I don’t know my budget?

That’s ok. Some clients start with knowing exactly how much they want to spend, and some do not know and want us to select everything and present with the budget it would cost.

* From our experience and previous projects, the usual budget starts at $50.000 per 350 sq ft.

How do you charge your design services?

All of our design services are flat fees based on the scope of service. No additional fees, no surprises.

Can you work with my contractor?

Absolutely! We can both work with your contractors or we can advise you on the ones we regularly work with.

How long the process will take?

It depends on the scope of service and how large your project it.
Based on our experience, our process usually between 3-9 months including custom furniture.

That being said, every project is different and includes third parties that affect the project timeline. From you & us to furniture companies, furniture designers, and contractors.

However, we always make sure that everything is on time, by communicating with third parties efficiently and managing the project properly.



Helena Brana, Interior Designer Los Angeles & Newport Beach, has been mentioned in the media both online and printed!

We had an amazing opportunity to be interviewed by Frank Udavcak from X3 Production that promotes up and coming entrepreneurs, artists, and young professionals. We invited Frank to our luxury project in Corona del Mar, California that you can walk through with us in the video below or read the full Interview ”Inside of our project in Corona del Mar”.

Interior Design Los Angeles BRANA designs Discover Luxury Homes

Showcase luxury homes in Southern California featured our article about ”Natural Materials in Contemporary Homes” in Discover Luxury Homes the October issue.

Natural Materials in Contemporary Homes” is about our signature style ”Organic Contemporary™”, a way to transform modern and contemporary spaces that are usually associated with feeling cold and austere, into a comfortable, modern and sophisticated home.  We do so by blending modern designs with natural materials. Hence the name of our style ”Organic Contemporary” – a nature-connected modern way of living.

Contemporary Interior Designer BRANA designs RUNWAY magazine

An interview about a collaboration between interior designer Helena Brana and Italian fashion brand ANTORINI.

This interview is about how the love for both fashion and interiors is connected and can co-exist together as well as our brand, future interior design projects.

Czech news magazine shares about our luxury residential project in Corona del Mar, and how we transformed an ordinary Californian home into a luxury residence.

Thank you Forbes for your time interview me and recognizing Helena Brana as an expert in an Interior Design Industry. I feel very honored. 

Other magazines that mentioned us are for example RealtorDwell, Nonagon, The Spruce, Best Life, and more.

Interior Designer Los Angeles and Interior Designer Newport Beach

Expanding from Newport Beach to Los Angeles, why?

Short Answer. We enjoy working for a broad spectrum of clients and in Los Angeles, what they all have in common is that they want a personalized home, not a cookie-cutter look.


Long Answer. We love Los Angeles and we recognize its very different from any other city in the world. Besides having great weather, the Los Angeles lifestyle is very casually sophisticated as well as art and culture oriented. It is a place that often sets interior trends for the rest of the world.


Besides being an Interior designer in Los Angeles & Newport Beach, we also started working remotely on projects in Europe during the lockdown, for which we are very grateful. Now we know for sure, that the distance is not an obstacle, and through our straight forward process, we are able to finish projects worldwide.

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