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An Interview exclusively for X3

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Hi Everyone,


I recently had an amazing opportunity that I would like to share with you. I was invited to be interviewed by Frank Udavcak, founder of X3 Productions. X3 productions is primarily known for producing videos with young entrepreneurs, artists, and other professionals.


I feel honored to be selected and happy to share with you also a short interview, hoping to help my younger self to start their own sucesful business.


By the way, the video was shot at our latest project in Corona del Mar in collaboration with developers CdM Homes.

Get Inside a $6 Million House in Corona del Mar with me and X3!

“Helena’s “organic and contemporary” mantra embodied the freeness of other great minds of design such as Axel Verdoot — if you aren’t familiar, I recommend reading this Kanye West article.” X3 Productions



Helena Brana

interior designer orange countyWho are you and what brought you into the profession?

”I am the Founder & Principal designer of BRANA Designs.

Since I was small, I was very curious and had a passion for creativity, design & fashion which brought me into this profession. I started my own business in Prague working with prominent clientele and then I applied my expertise in Southern California where I started my family. Since I moved here I successfully finished projects Corona Del Mar, Los Angeles, San Diego, but also Miami, and other coastal cities.”


Discuss the influence of culture.

”I was influenced a lot by European culture, traveling & living around the world. Growing up in Prague and in an artistic family, I was immersed in an architecture from an early age, but it was really the traveling, exploring different places that taught me to be more open-minded and helped me to push my boundaries which is the key to creating unique design concept for every client and project that my team and I work on.”

What was it like putting together the interior design firm and the logistic behind it?

”Being new in the country, and being new in the American market, was a challenge itself and I knew I had to be different in order to succeed. I have found a few gaps in the interior design industry here, including seeing a lot of cookie cutters homes. So I found a signature aesthetic which I call ‘’Organic Contemporary’’  – and it’s simply melting nature with modern designs that I source around the world to maintain exclusivity for my clients.

My main focus as a new business owner was to get exposure. Within a year, I was mentioned in a number of magazines, like ForbesRunway, Realtor, and more! I also collaborated with a luxury fashion brand Antorini, and at the same time, I was doing local networking and found like-minded people I wanted to be surrounded by which is very important.”

”The love for both nature and design inspires me the most in creating homes for my clients that are anything but ordinary”

How do you get in the minds of your clients to make their vision come to life?

”I listen to my clients and understand what they love, how they want to live and how they use each space.

I also take advantage of current technology and utilize photorealistic visualizations. The visualizations are amazing tool that our clients love because it helps them visualize their future home, helps them decide which way to go AND uncover an ideas our clients would never thought of and choose without seeing it in photo first. Through the visualizations, our client save time, and avoid costly mistakes.”

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What are some marketing tactics you use? Discuss Branding

”When it comes to branding, I am always careful and cautious, where my branding opportunities are placed. I’m not trying to be all things for everyone. For example, my brand would not be a good fit for a tract developer or clients seeking the traditional Orange County aesthetic (farmhouse, cottages, etc.) as we are specializing in leading edge luxury design styles such as elevated contemporary.”


What are your goals for the future?

My short term goal is to continue growing my interior design studio and working on exciting projects.

And my long term goal is to launch my own custom products. Currently I am working on a line of luxurious custom rugs that are handmade in India, where I colaborate closely with a small family business, and choosing the best natural and hypoallergenic materials, such as mulberry silk, new Zealand wool and tencel that my clients are appreciating.”

And last question Helena, if you can say one thing for younger self to grow any kind of business, what it would be?

”Find your niche & always know who is your client. I found my signature aesthetic because I wanted specifically help clients who are seeking sophisticated, luxury modern homes connected to nature – who want their own sanctuary – in today’s hectic world, and clients who want something more than just ordinary look.”


”In order to succeed, one has to be different”. – Helena Brana

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.