Interior Designer Los Angeles

BRANA Designs is a Full-Service Interior Design Studio in Los Angeles & Newport Beach creating one-of-a-kind showcase interiors. An escape from mass produced designs.

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Luxury Interior Designer Los Angeles

BRANA Designs is a full-service interior design studio in Newport Beach & Los Angeles specializing in One-of-a-kind interiors. All of our work is original and custom curated to meet your vision and goals. Helena Brana, who is the founder & principal in studio, is an European interior designer that specializes in an elevated contemporary interiors in both Los Angeles & Newport Beach.

“Our clients in Los Angeles come to us when they desire something special, not a cookie-cutter look.”

Interior Designer Los Angeles

Interior Designer Los Angeles

Helena Brana is European interior designer and founder of Brana Designs based in Southern California. Brana Designs team completed a number of high-profile projects within the Europe, and the United States.


Helena brings into every project a fresh, elegant and sophisticated aesthetic with unique touch and your style in mind, that turns every space into exceptional, one-of-a-kind home easy to live in.


As you can see in Brana Designs portfolio, everything we bring into our projects is exclusively sourced from artisans and designers all around the world, turning every space from ordinary into extraordinary. In short, every home will be an international showcase with leading pieces sourced ethically.


Helena and her team, can assist you with all of your residential projects, whether you are embarking on a full-scale renovation or simply looking to furnishing & styling. Each project gives our team a new opportunity to show our skills and create beautiful custom designs that fit your lifestyle.


Brana Designs is available to travel for projects outside of Southern California for an elite clientele.

BRANA Designs featured in media

Brana Designs was selected in Top 20 High-End Interior Designers in Newport Beach.

“Brana Designs creates one-of-a-kind interiors with exclusively source furniture, with an organic and contemporary approach to design in order to maximize the potential of a home.” Brabbu.

Forbes Magazine interviewed Helena Brana, founder of Brana Designs and discussed design, interiors & how she started.

Young Czech designer creating interiors of multi-millionaire villas.” Forbes

X3 Productions, founded by Frank Udavcak invited us to discuss our luxury interior design projects and showcase our latest one. 

“Helena’s “organic and contemporary” mantra embodied the freeness of other great minds of design such as Axel Verdoot — if you aren’t familiar, I recommend reading this Kanye West article.” X3 Productions

Chatting with Voyagela about how our studio started and the obstacles in interior design industry in Europe & and local market in Newport Beach.

Brana Designs is honored for being featured with recent Upscale Interior Design project showcased at Edra, an Italian luxury furniture brand.

Why work with our Interior Design Company in Los Angeles & Newport Beach?

At BRANA Designs, you can be assured that your space will be exclusively tailored to your needs and lifestyle. All while maximizing its potential and looking its best.

We create one-of-a-kind designs.

We don’t copy-paste from one project to the next. All of our designs are exclusive and unique for each client. We start the process by understanding your life, tastes, and needs. Then we set about creating a home environment that transforms your vision into a reality and reflects your personality. 


We are great at finding trophy items.

What sets us apart is that we do extensive research to find perfect, high-quality furniture and statement pieces that turn your space from ordinary to extraordinary by using our exclusive suppliers in Europe, and around the world. In short, your home will be an international showcase with leading pieces. 


We embrace natural materials.

Whenever possible, we incorporate materials made by Mother Nature and we choose them from vendors where they are sourced sustainably and ethically. Our Organic Contemporary Blog goes into detail about our philosophy on this important topic. Just for fun the blog takes you behind the interior design shows, and the scenes on various projects of BRANA Designs.


We provide you with 3D renderings.

Rather than relying on mood boards alone, we give you Photorealistic 3D Renderings so you can get a clear view. The goal of this is to help you to make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes.


With us, you will add value to your home.

We help our clients transform their living environments into a dream home that they LOVE, while maximizing its potential and looking its best. Not to mention, we make the process fun and exciting.”

~Helena Brana, founder



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We learn about you

Review As-built plans & the site

Establishing goals

Prepare Project Schedule

The goal of this first phase is to gain a better understanding of your vision, tastes, and life & style to define the project scope.

At this time we take precise measurements and photos of the space, evaluate its current condition, and discuss any needs that are not readily apparent.


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Color palette, furniture, lighting, cabinetry, appliances, art & decor, and any custom designs

Material samples

Floor plan, elevations, custom drawings

Photo-Realistic 3D Renderings

At the end of this phase we will be presenting you with a final design concept, materials & finishes, furniture & lighting selections.

The first part is very technical, all the drawings, elevations, details, showcasing preliminary materials & finishes.

In the second phase, you will see visualizations that includes all the materials, finishes, furniture and lightings. The visualizations are amazing because it allows everyone to see the whole picture and and make adjustments before we actually start, avoiding costly mistakes. You will also see and touch all the materials & finishes to make a final decisions.


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Review pricing of selected products

Purchase and receive items

Inspect and deliver goods.


Project Management

Collaborate with third parties for installation

Conduct weekly on-site visits

Provide progress updates.



Once the design concept and items are approved, we will get to ordering from our suppliers on your behalf and manage all the logistic.

Where some designers leave you to finish the project, we handle the entire process from start to finish. Our team manages the orders, inspects items, coordinates delivery, and handles all aspects of installation and staging in your home to ensure that the project is completed as envisioned.

And after all is in, it’s time for “The Reveal Event”!


What is a full-service Interior design? 

Full-service design means that the interior design studio manages the bulk of the work involved in a renovation or decoration project on behalf of their client from the start to the projects completiton. Everything from the initial design, through to selecting the items, engaging and collaborating with artisans, trade and contractors, placing the orders and managing the logistics of deliveries, observe assembly & installation, together with managing budget and timeframe. Essentially, the remodel process is simplified and made easy for the homeowner because everything is taken care of.

Another way to describe it would be turn-key interior design — because all your need to do once it’s finished is turn the key to your dream space!

What value can interior design bring?

Interior Designer adding value in:

  • Bring design thinking to your project by developing a concept for your living environment. Think cohesive style, color palettes, furnishings, lighting, sustainability, space planning, and overall feel.
  • Save client’s investment by designing right the first time.
  • Save client’s time by taking care of the backstage (design concepts, admin, logistic, project oversight and making sure everything looks its best)
  • Capitalize on what the client already owns.
  • Create a custom drawings, visualisations and elevations for all third parties included in project (General contractor, builder,..) to complete the project as envisioned.
  • Open a gate with an exclusive trade-only pieces, materials, reputable contractors and craftspeople from all around the world.
  • Run point on procurement of all of the new items to ensure quality, budget, and overall feel are met by all items.
  • Handle project management, including any collaborations with third parties.

How do I find an interior designer in Los Angeles?

Some choose their interior designer based on the recommendations of family or friends. Others look to magazines for ideas and find their ideal designer there.

While this may work for some, it is important to choose someone who understands you. The designer should be someone you like, not just as a person, but also for their perspective and aesthetic.

They should also demonstrate an ability to adapt to meet your needs and preferences. A designer who demonstrates flexibility will be best suited to ensuring that your interests are met.

Why is this important? Your space is all about you, not your designer. Your life, your hobbies, and your style should be reflected in your environment. A designer who understands this will help you create a space where you feel truly at home.

How do I know if you are the right interior design studio for me?

At BRANA Designs, we know everyone has their own vibe, which is why we don’t try to be all things for everyone.

Generally, our clients are professionals who love a fresh, modern, sleek, and sophisticated aesthetic. They value high-quality over quantity. They may be busy with their own matters and want someone to execute a good plan to make their home a masterpiece. 

We strive to make you feel special, showcase your style, and create a home you are proud of!

If that’s your vibe, we cannot wait to speak with you about your project.

How can I choose the right furniture and finishes if I can’t visualize how it would look like at my home?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions because it is really the reason most people chose a designer. Translating your vision from your head to reality is what we do best. But before we get to work on executing, we help you visualize your space with Photorealistic 3D Renderings.

We will present you with design concept that work around your style. Once you can see the reality of your vision, you can make the right decisions (and avoid costly mistakes).

You’ll have confidence that the finished project will satisfy your dreams and goals.

Will you work on interior design projects that are outside of the Los Angeles region?

BRANA Designs is available to travel for projects outside of Southern California for an elite clientele.

Can you work with my contractor?

Absolutely! We can work with your licenced contractors or advise you on options from a pool of contractors that we work with on a regular basis. 

How long will the interior design process will take?

The time it takes will depend on the scope of work and the size of the project.

In our experience, the complete design process usually takes between 4-12months from defining the design scheme to delivery and installation.

That being said, every project is different and the involvement of third parties may affect the project timeline. This is something we define at the outset, evaluate through the process, and communicate about throughout so you have a clear path to the completion of your design project.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Our portfolio speaks for itself. Our aesthetic is simply fresh, elegant, and sophisticated. With client style in mind, the end result is exceptional, one-of-a-kind living environment proud to be living in.

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Do you have any blog that I can follow ?

Yes! For past year I am writing blog that I call “Organic Contemporary” we offer some insight into my interior design experience and perspective. We will discuss the real-estate market, ”behind the scenes” of our amazing projects in Los Angeles & Newport Beach, design trends, and so many more. Have a look!