Elevate Your Space with an Interior Designer in Los Angeles

When it comes to designing captivating and functional spaces in Los Angeles, an expert interior designer can make all the difference. At our renowned design studio, we specialize in providing exceptional interior design services that cater to your unique needs. With a focus on elevating spaces to new heights, our team of talented professionals will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life and create stunning interiors that truly stand out.

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Luxury Interior Designer Los Angeles

Brana Designs specialize in elevated contemporary interiors, providing personalized and custom-curated designs that meet your vision and goals. Our founder and principal, Helena Brana, is a distinguished European interior designer renowned for her unique touch and expertise in crafting sophisticated, elegant spaces.

“Our clients in Los Angeles come to us when they desire something special, not a cookie-cutter look.”

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Elevated Organic Contemporary Interiors.

At BRANA Designs, we never settle for cookie-cutter solutions. We specialize in custom-crafting Elevated Organic Contemporary interiors that are both visually stunning and easy to live in. Helena Brana brings a fresh, unique perspective to every project, ensuring that your space reflects your personal style.

Exclusively Sourced from Artists around the World.

Every detail matters when it comes to creating exceptional interiors, which is why we source majority of products from artisans worldwide or by Brana Designs, custom-made. We incorporate leading pieces ethically, ensuring that your home is a true international showcase.

Embracing Natural Materials.

We believe that being surrounded by nature improves our well-being. We incorporate elements crafted by Mother Nature in our finishes, cabinetry, and furniture. Explore our Organic Contemporary Blog for more insight into our philosophy.

Photorealistic 3D Renderings.

To help you visualize what your home can be, we provide Photorealistic 3D Renderings. These detailed visualizations go beyond traditional mood boards, allowing you to see your space before we even start and make informed decisions.

Adding Value to Your Home.

With BRANA Designs, investing in your space means adding value to your home. Our expertise in creating exceptional interiors, combined with our attention to detail and timeless design principles, ensures that your space will not only be visually stunning but also highly desirable in the real estate market.

Interior Design Firms in Los Angeles

Transform Your Space with Our Exclusive Interior Design Services in Los Angeles & Newport Beach

When it comes to creating a space that truly reflects your personality and meets your needs, BRANA Designs is the interior design company you can trust in Los Angeles and Newport Beach. Our commitment to exclusive, tailored designs ensures that your space will be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. With a focus on maximizing potential and enhancing aesthetics, we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones that leave a lasting impression.

We help our clients transform their living environments into a dream home that they LOVE, while maximizing its potential and looking its best. Not to mention, we make the process fun and exciting.”

~Helena Brana, founder

Our Interior Design Process

Experience the collaborative journey with renowned interior designer Helena Brana and her exceptional team as we embark on a transformative design experience. Having a clearly defined process is key to a smooth and successful project. From the initial inspiration to the final touches, we navigate each phase with meticulous attention to detail, unmatched creativity, and exclusive products. With our unwavering dedication to bringing your vision to life, witness the remarkable transformation unfold from start to finish.


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We learn about your needs, wants & investment.

Review As-built plans & the site.

Establishing goals

The goal of this first phase is to gain a better understanding of your vision, tastes, and life & style to define the project scope.  At this time we take precise measurements and photos of the space, evaluate its current condition, and discuss any needs that are not readily apparent. This stage is fundamental to our Design Concept.


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Color palette, materials, finishes

Selection of furniture, Lighting, appliances , and more

Material samples

Floor plan, Elevations, Custom drawings

Photo-Realistic 3D Renderings

At the end of this phase we will be presenting you with a final design concept with all the materials & finishes, furniture & lighting selections showcased through drawings & photorealistic visualizations.


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Product Procurement

Warehouse Receiving & Inspection

Selected items will be fully procured.

Our team manages the orders, inspects items, coordinates delivery, and handles all aspects of installation and staging in your home to ensure that the project is completed as envisioned. 



On-site visits as needed

Where some designers leave you to finish the project, we stay active through the construction and visit the job-site as needed.


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Final walk-through

Accessorizing & Styling your new space 

Photoshoot (your privacy is respected)

We understand that the final details make all the difference. After the major completion of your interior design project, we conduct a final walk-through where we focus on the last stage: styling and accessorizing. This crucial step allows us to add those finishing touches that elevate your space to its fullest potential.


What is a full-service Interior design?

Full-service interior design embraces a comprehensive approach where our studio oversees every aspect of your project. This includes creating a comprehensive Design Concept Book, producing technical drawings, elevations, visualizations, and specifying all the elements your home needs, such as finishes, cabinetry, window treatments, and more. One of the key features of a full-service interior design studio is sourcing and managing selected products like furniture, lighting, decor, and hard finishes, as well as overseeing their delivery and installation. If construction is part of the project, it is managed by a construction firm or a licensed general contractor, with our continuous involvement to ensure the envisioned design comes to life.

What’s the Difference Between Architects, Interior Designers, Build Companies, and General Contractors?

In the realm of high-quality renovations and custom new builds, a successful project often involves a collaboration between a skilled architect, interior designer, builder /or/and a licensed general contractor. Although it may appear to entail numerous parties, they work harmoniously behind the scenes, each with a crucial role to ensure the project’s success and a seamless process.

Given the unique qualifications and expertise of each party, we don’t advocate for firms that attempt to provide both interior design and architectural services alongside construction. Typically, this approach doesn’t match the quality you’d expect from renowned and specialized architects or designers, just as architects and designers aren’t typically builders.

In essence, the key distinction lies in their respective areas of specialization: Architects focus on the architectural and landscape aspects, ensuring the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the home. Interior designers concentrate on crafting the interior spaces, walls, functionalities, the overall ambiance & aesthetic from finishes, cabinetry to furniture & styling. Both Architects & Interior Designer often collaborate together seamlessly so the desired aesthetic beautiful blends inside out. Builders and licensed general contractors are responsible for navigating HOA, securing permits, managing the construction phase, and overseeing intricate details so the vision is turned into a reality.

While these parties are interdependent, each brings its unique set of skills and specializations to the table, all of which deserve recognition for successfully completing project.

What value can interior designer bring?

Collaborating with an interior designer unlocks a treasure trove of expertise, greatly enhancing your project. Here’s how an interior designer can elevate your experience:

  1. Crafting a Comprehensive Design Concept: Interior designers infuse your project with design excellence, weaving together a cohesive style, harmonizing color palettes, meticulously curating furnishings, optimizing lighting, embracing sustainability, and thoughtfully planning your space. The result is a harmonious ambiance that mirrors your vision and lifestyle.
  2. Protecting Your Investment: Through their keen insights and extensive experience, interior designers ensure your investment is maximized. Their informed decisions prevent costly errors, ultimately saving you money over the long term.
  3. Rescuing Your Time: Interior designers manage all the intricate details behind the scenes, handling design concepts, administrative tasks, logistics management, and project oversight. This enables you to concentrate on your daily life while your space transforms seamlessly.
  4. Custom Drawings and Visualizations: Interior designers craft custom drawings, visualizations, and elevations, effectively communicating your vision to all project stakeholders. This guarantees builders, contractors, and other professionals understand and execute your design precisely as envisioned.
  5. Access to Exclusive Resources: Interior designers have access to exclusive trade resources, encompassing materials, renowned contractors, and skilled artisans from across the globe. They curate a selection of unique elements that elevate your space, resulting in an exceptional outcome.
  6. Streamlined Procurement Process: Interior designers spearhead the procurement of all new items for your project, meticulously overseeing quality, budget, and overall aesthetics. Leveraging their industry connections, they source the finest options aligned with your design objectives.
  7. On-site Expertise: Proficient in project management, interior designers manage all interactions with third parties like general contractors or builders. They ensure clear communication, seamless coordination, and timely execution, facilitating a smooth and triumphant project.

With an interior designer by your side, you can achieve a transformation that surpasses your expectations. From inception to realization, they deliver value, expertise, and an unwavering attention to detail, crafting a space that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic allure.

What Does the Interior Design Project Process Involve?

Depending on your project needs, whether it is a full project furnishing and styling, remodeling, or new build:

In the first case, we handle everything from concept to product sourcing, procurement, imports, delivery, and installation.

If it is a remodel or new build, we create the design concept book and collaborate with third parties as needed, such as architects, licensed general contractors, and builders. We remain actively involved during the construction phase. Once construction is completed, we manage the installation of furnishings and styling.

You can learn more about our design process in depth on our Interior Design Process Page.

Where to look for an Interior Designer in Los Angeles?

The quest for the perfect interior designer in Los Angeles is a personalized journey. Consider the following tips to ensure you select the right professional who not only understands your unique vision but also has the expertise to transform your space into a true reflection of your style and personality:

  1. Seek Recommendations: Start your search by seeking recommendations from trusted sources. Family, friends, or colleagues who have worked with interior designers can provide invaluable insights. At Brana Designs, a significant portion of our projects originates from referrals by our delighted past clients.
  2. Explore Design Magazines and Online Platforms: Delve into design magazines and browse online platforms for inspiration. Pay particular attention to the designers credited for projects that resonate with your style. This not only helps you discover potential designers but also clarifies your own design preferences.
  3. Prioritize Your Individuality: It’s paramount to choose an interior designer who places a high value on your individuality and shares a similar aesthetic to yours. Your living space should be a true reflection of your life, hobbies, and personal style. For instance, if the designer predominantly showcases a full portfolio of farmhouses but you are seeking a contemporary interior designer, it’s likely not a good fit, and vice versa.

By following these guidelines, you can embark on a journey to find an interior designer in Los Angeles who not only meets your expectations but also exceeds them, creating a living space that is uniquely yours.

How to choose the Ideal Interior Designer in Los Angeles?

At BRANA Designs, we understand that selecting the perfect interior design studio is crucial to achieving your desired results. Here’s how you can determine if we are the right fit for you:

  1. Fresh, Modern, and Sophisticated Aesthetic: In general, our design approach appeals to boutique clients who appreciate more of contemporary feel, nature, well being, and forward thinking design & technologies.
  2. Value High-Quality and Attention to Detail: We prioritize quality over quantity and pay meticulous attention to every aspect of the design process. If you appreciate fine craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and a focus on finer details, our commitment to excellence may resonate with you.
  3. Busy Lifestyle, Expert Execution: We understand that you may have a busy schedule and rely on professionals to execute a well-planned design that transforms your home into a masterpiece. If you seek a reliable and skilled team to handle the execution while ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience, we are well-equipped to meet your needs.
  4. A Personalized Approach: At BRANA Designs, we value your uniqueness and strive to make you feel special. We tailor our designs to showcase your individual style, preferences, and personality. Your home should be a reflection of who you are, and we take pride in creating spaces that make you proud.”

How can I choose the right furniture and finishes if I can’t visualize how it would look like at my home?

How can I select the ideal furniture and finishes if I struggle to envision how they will appear in my home?

The solution lies in Photorealistic 3D Renderings. This innovative approach allows you to witness your design concept spring to life, granting you the ability to make decisions grounded in both the designer’s recommendations and your personal preferences.

Our renderings serve as a crystal-clear visual representation of your forthcoming space. They empower you to make well-informed choices while sidestepping potentially costly errors. By opting for this approach, you can approach your project with confidence, knowing that the final result will not only meet but surpass your dreams and objectives.

Let us assist you in selecting the perfect furniture and finishes for your dream space. Reach out to us today to embark on this transformative journey.

Are you open to interior design projects located outside of the Los Angeles region, taking into account the specific project requirements?

At BRANA Designs, we understand that the feasibility of extending our services beyond Los Angeles varies depending on the nature and scope of each project. While our primary location is now in Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, we actively engage in projects across Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, Florida, Utah, and New York. Our approach is adaptable, allowing us to tailor our expertise to the unique demands of each project, ensuring that regardless of location we are equipped to deliver outstanding results.

What is the most best method for initiating a project inquiry with Brana Designs?

We recommend reaching out to us through our contact form. This platform allows you to provide a concise introduction to yourself and your project. Upon receiving your inquiry, our dedicated team will promptly respond and arrange either a call or a personal meeting with you. This initial interaction serves as an opportunity to delve deeper into your project, ensuring that we fully understand your vision and needs.

BRANA Designs Interior Design Studio featured in media

Our projects and our founder, the renowned interior designer Helena Brana, have gained recognition for their international flair and stunning interiors, earning mentions in several esteemed media outlets. We are committed to keeping our list of features and publications continually updated to showcase our ongoing achievements.

Brana Designs in SoCal Design both online & printed

“Interior Designer Helena Brana gives a young entrepreneur the bachelor pad of his dreams in coastal Orange County.”

Helena Brana socaldesign

Inside the Contemporary Organic aesthetic of Helena Brana with Love Happens Magazine.

contemporary interior designer

Forbes Magazine interviewed Helena Brana, founder of Brana Designs and discussed design, interiors & how she started.

Young Czech designer creating interiors of multi-millionaire villas.” Forbes


X3 Productions, founded by Frank Udavcak invited us to discuss our luxury interior design projects and showcase our latest one.

“Helena’s “organic and contemporary” mantra embodied the freeness of other great minds of design such as Axel Verdoot — if you aren’t familiar, I recommend reading this Kanye West article.” X3 Productions

6$ Million Coronamar Home

Brana Designs was selected in Top 20 High-End Interior Designers in Newport Beach.

“Brana Designs creates one-of-a-kind interiors with exclusively source furniture, with an organic and contemporary approach to design in order to maximize the potential of a home.” Brabbu.

Chatting with Voyagela about how our studio started and the obstacles in interior design industry in Europe & and local market in Newport Beach.

Brana Designs is honored for being featured with recent Upscale Interior Design project showcased at Edra, an Italian luxury furniture brand.


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