Highlights from Exquisite Milan Design Week 2024

From Show-Stopping Exhibitions Through High-Tech to Absolutely Stunning Furniture, Lighting & Art

As we extend our invitation to “join us” at prestigious Milan Design Week, this year was no exception in delivering an inspiring journey into the world of interiors. We explored unique pieces, show-stopping exhibitions, innovative brands, and cutting-edge trends that redefine luxury.

Renowned as pioneers in Orange County’s elevated contemporary interiors and European imports, we are thrilled to bring here the essence of global trends through Milan Design Week. I hand-picked some equisite pieces for our current projects, delighting clients with elevated homes featuring treasures you won’t find anywhere else. Global travels to find the perfect pieces are my passion and an underestimated yet essential element of interior design.

Reflecting on this year’s event, let’s dive into the trends and highlights. Last year at Salone del Mobile 2023, the focus was on lighting through its Euroluce event, with many brands showcasing organic curves in contemporary interiors—a trend close to my heart. This year, we saw this aesthetic evolve with “chubby” yet still organic volumes that we spotted at Maison & Objet in Paris this year. Additionally, the transition from neutral linen colors to deep hues of chocolate and pumpkin and many bright hues was prominent. Beyond trends, I am always eager to share the best of what I’ve seen and loved as Milan has so much to offer.

Join me in experiencing the exquisite wonders of Milan Design Week 2024!

Show-stopping events through the city

Walking through the city, visiting my favorite showrooms, and exploring new ones that fit our brand and aesthetic is one of the highlights of my Milan experience. I thoroughly enjoy bringing uniqueness into my projects in the United States. However, what truly makes the exploration worthwhile is that Milan Design Week is not confined to vendors showcasing in their showrooms. The Milan Design Week experience encompasses numerous events happening throughout the city, unrelated to selling but created to inspire and awe you.

My preference for walking the city in heels all day, eschewing transport, is justified by the countless unique events I encounter along the way. It’s not uncommon to stumble upon ten unique events during a single stroll, and that’s what I cherish about Milan Design Week—it’s endlessly inspiring and captivating. Unlike shows in the United States, which I find boring and uninspiring, Milan Design Week is an immersive experience designed to ignite creativity and wonder.

One of the highlights was architecture installation by Zaha Hadid, mesmerizing art instalation by Lasvit Design, and many more.

Our finds at famous L’apartmento by Artemest

L’apartmento by Artemest is one of my favorite show-stopping event as every year they relocated and choose individual designers for each room to decorate with pre-selected highlight products.

And of course my favorites from Milan Design Week

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