The Art of Organic Contemporary Design

The Art of Organic Contemporary Design

Incorporating Natural Materials and Contemporary Design into your home.


Today we continue exploring the “Organic Contemporary” philosophy and ways to incorporate it into your home design. This unique approach blends organic, natural materials with contemporary styling. The result is a naturally luxurious and welcoming environment.

This philosophy evolved as it became evident that the addition of natural materials gave a welcoming feel to interior spaces. For some, this means incorporating gorgeous stonework and natural textures. For others, it means adding more subtle elements and fun furnishings to express their unique vision.

In this post, we’re going to look at various types of natural materials and ways to incorporate them into your design. Elements we’ll cover include:

The top unique natural materials to use in your home.

How to use them to enhance your modern design.

How to shop them.

Now that you have the background, let’s get started. ?

For our purposes, natural elements refer to organic materials and other items that are found in nature. Items that are made from wood and natural stones as well as plants and a variety of textures are included in this description. When incorporated properly into the design plan, they can create upscale and stunning interiors.

Inspiration of Organic Contemporary Design

In the world of interior design, preparation is the basis of everything. The fun part of working with organic materials is that inspiration can and should be taken from images of other interiors as well as from nature. These are some of my inspirations for creating ”Contemporary Organic Interiors”! 

Part of what inspires me about these is that they have a luxury feel. Even though these elements are found in nature, they do not have to feel rustic or rough. They can be finished in a way that smooths the edges and brings out their unique natural finish so that they fit well into a modern environment. It’s important to note that these specific examples are not limits, they are merely a springboard for you!

Now that you’ve seen some of what I love, it’s time to consider what you love. So jump over to your Pinterest board or head outside and use your smartphone camera to capture images that inspire you.

Feel free to check out some of my mood boards on Pinterest or go directly to ”Unique stones” section.

You’ll see that I’ve incorporated unique natural materials into every home I designed. Once you’re inspired get started on your own!

The Top natural materials to use in your home

Besides the standard materials, like wood, bricks, leather, and iron, there are a variety of unique and exclusive natural materials with rare colors and textures that you can use to create jaw-dropping contemporary interiors. While there’s not enough space to name all, I will try to cover at least some!

Depending on the overall mood and style of your home, smaller pieces may be incorporated into the environment subtly, while larger slabs may be used in bathrooms or to create a luxurious kitchen island with a WOW factor and contemporary design.

Unique Marbles.

Stepping beyond the ‘forever favorite, white Calacatta marble, there are several other types that have a unique look and feel. These elements complement any luxury interior. Some of my favorites include: Dreaming Green Marble or Verde Indio in green shades, and for monochromatic, I love Panda White because it has a depth of black veins yet very clean look.

Note, that marble is maybe luxurious, but easily scratchable and hear sensitive, so adding it to the kitchen or flooring, may not be the best choice for everyone!

Exotic stones.

Unique natural stones bring depth and dimension to a room. As oppose to marble, quartzites are thicker stones, which is why it makes a great countertop, used to create gorgeous stairs, as bathroom tile, and so much more!

One of my top favorites in the quartzite family is Azul Malcabas. This stone is at once soft and striking and enhances the mood in any room where it’s placed. As oppose to marble, quartzites are thicker stones, which is why it makes a great countertop, used to create gorgeous stairs, as bathroom tile, and so much more! Still another of my favorites is in deep greens like Botanic quartzites. With its exciting shades of plums, greens, and reds, it adds dimension and character to any room. 

Starlicia onyx is yet another stone that is outstanding, primarily because of its unique colorful palette. Perfect for furniture tops, including coffee tables, it also makes outstanding wall art.

Cane, Rattan, and Bamboo.

Moving beyond stones, cane, rattan, and bamboo are often used as the base of a table or as chairs. While at times they share a similar look, they are each unique natural materials and should be considered deliberately when planning your room. Cane and rattan come from the same plant while bamboo is a different varietal. Rattan is typically treated while cane is more frequently left in its natural state. Bamboo is hollow, making it the least flexible and hardest of the three. It cannot be curved. Rattan is strong yet flexible and often shaped into uniquely designed furniture.

Mycelium, and more!

What gives a home a truly unique feel is the willingness to venture beyond what is expected. Some of the futuristic organic biodegradable and removable materials for contemporary furniture designs includes a mycelium made of mushrooms fungus or even sea salt!

How to organic materials to enhance a modern design

We talked a bit about where to incorporate natural materials and contemporary design into the living environment, but let’s discuss how to use them to enhance the natural feel of your home. 

One way to use natural materials is as walls, flooring, and countertops… another way is to use them in one-of-a-kind furniture pieces or incorporate them to a showcase wall gallery.

The options are truly endless. Let’s have a look at some outstanding pieces made by organic materials and contemporary design!

How to shop for organic furniture and finishes?

After you review options, it’s time to go back to your inspiration boards and get specific about what you want. Be sure to keep your budget in mind so that you can balance maximizing your ROI when you sell, and satisfaction while you live in the space.

The first step in this process is to create a color palette and mood board for your home. This is something you can bring with you when shopping to ensure you don’t deviate from your plan.

Next, you’ll want to do a bit of research to make sure you know which materials you like and which are the best for you based on how you want to use it. For example, if you use your kitchen a lot, marble may not be a good choice for your stonework as it is quite soft as its easily scratched. 

You’ll also want to measure your space. Create a simple diagram and make note of the dimensions. You’ll want to make note of the overall room size and measure any smaller spaces. This will help you to calculate how much of which stone or other unique natural material you will need.

Once you’ve done all of that, it’s time to go shopping! If you’ve followed the steps leading up to this properly, shopping should be the fun part.

Our design studio source organic finishes & furniture all around the world to create truly unique and exclusive interiors.

So if you feel unprepared or still aren’t sure where to start, a good designer can take the stress out of this experience and ensure that you have fun while accomplishing your goal of transforming your space into a modern environment with natural elements that are stylish and inviting.


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