Modern Interior Design


The Pacific project is one of our favorite projects. The house is built on the hill overlooking gorgeous ocean view. Its original architecture was in Mediterranean stule and the floor plan was not very practical. The floor plan separated the ocean view by the walls from the the living room, kitchen and dining by walls. Therefore there was not possible to enjoy the full view from all the rooms together.





Our goal was opening the space where the clients can cacoon together and enjoy the full ocean view. And second, transforming the Mediterranean style into more modern and chic space so it looks sophisticated, elegant and comfortable.

We opened the space and included living room, kitchen and dining so everyone could enjoy the gorgeous Ocean view.

As you can see in our other projects, our signature ”Organic Contemporary’‘ style, we are into clean lines, we are not scared of colors and we want our clients to benefit of Mother nature while living in todays urbanism. Many studies found having plants at home inspire us and are good for our emotional well being hence the spaces feels natural, but also modern and chic.



So here is how we did it:

To create an open space, we designed custom acoustic living glass. The living glass wall separates the open space not only from the large foyer but also from the pantry room on the left side, custom wine cellar in the middle and glass stairs. [Check out the third photo that ilustrates it].

The glass wall includes plants built in geometrical metallic pattern to give it swank. We used mettalic as accents also in lighting in kitchen area and at the geometric italian wallpapers at fireplace area. We selected FF&E designed with natural materials, clean lines and soft curves thus the space feels contemporary, yet elegant.


The focal point here is a dining room because its in the middle of the open space. To make it shine, we used unique statement piece of art lighting. A bubble lighting that reflects million colors similar to a rainbow depending on the light its surrouned, be it sunrise or sunset.


As far as the kitchen, we picked wooden cabinets that blends beautifuly with Calacatta Marble surfaces together with rare blue brazilian quartz and metallic minimalistic led lighting that adds luxurious feel and contrast to the soft color palette. Having in this space large windows is a dream because it allows additional natural light. We designed 2 kitchen islands, one for preparing food and additional storage and the another is Kitchen bar, to enjoy sitting together with family overlooking the gorgeous ocean view.