Glamorous Zen.

Modern Glam Retreat: Where Dreamy Elegance Meets Zen Serenity


A private sanctuary defined by a design style that is both dreamy glam and minimalist zen in Los Angeles. Elegant, curving lines soften the space, while mesmerizing mirrored surfaces reflect warm auras of light emanating from one-of-a-kind lamps and light fixtures. The color palette was derived from the purest kind of beauty that can only be found in nature: velvety flower petals, deep mossy greens, regal orchid purples, and the golden tone seen in the sky on moonlit summer nights. The space is tastefully appointed with European furnishings and pieces designed by Helena Brana herself to suit the client’s desired aesthetic. It brings a welcome dose of tranquility to our client’s hectic lifestyle: a place of beauty, restoration, and rejuvenation.

Los Angeles
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