A Sophisticated Gem

Truly one-of-a-kind space with sophisticated & bold look and whimsical feel. This sophisticated gem is an interior like no other.

Sophisticated Gem

Truly one-of-a-kind space with sophisticated & bold look and whimsical feel. This sophisticated gem is a home like no other.


The design of the residence in Los Angeles was woefully outdated. A color palette of dark browns and reds made the rooms feel gloomy, and clutter of windows and lack of any statement pieces among the furniture and accessories left the space feeling busy and confused. Despite the overall dispiriting ambiance, the home still had a couple of good things going for it: High ceilings and generous square footage provided great potential for transformation. 



An Interior designer Los Angeles BRANA Designs, went bold when reimagining the space and took full advantage of the high ceilings with a dramatic, one-of-a-kind lighting that—featuring a sculptural metal-mesh human figure in acrobatic flight—literally gave the living area life of its own.


To add sophistication to such a playful effect, we selected a black-and-white main color scheme, with touches of bold color here and there providing contrast. The overall look this approach achieves is one of subtle contemporary sophistication.


A dramatic interior design approach calls for a careful balance of strength and subtlety, as the following highlights examples:


One-of-a-kind statement pieces.

With the sculptural acrobatic chandelier literally taking center stage, other decorative touches offer more subtle pleasures, including a flight of butterflies climbing the living room fireplace and a circular combination mirror and tapestry on the dining area wall.


Black and White Color scheme.

Balancing black and white interior with furniture, surfaces, and finishes, adding pop-up colors in deep blues and as contrasts.


Subtly filtering the daylight.

Floor-to-ceiling sheer drapes in the living room not only soften the abundant daylight but also add a touch of softness.


Setting the stage for gourmet cooking.

With state-of-the-art appliances, a built-in wine refrigerator, abundant and efficient storage, and a spacious prep-and-dining island clad in gleaming Calacatta marble, the kitchen provides all the conveniences and luxuries needed for everyday meals and lavish entertaining alike.



Everywhere one looks in the reimagined home, we have worked design miracles great and small in this black and white interior.

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