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Urban Fairytale

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Originally the space had Californian 1980’s ranch design with lots of brown shades and awkward dormer roof. The space was large but poorly planned. It also include 2 separate fireplaces which is unnecessary to have in one room.




The goal was to transform the original Californian 1980’s ranch design into happy, lively and functional space with an exotic theme.

Once we were done, we had to call this project Urban Fairytale for its connection between modern world and nature, both fauna and flora that inspires us in our designs, BRANA designs says.

The exclusive Giraffe sculpture is a one of a kind lighting statement. For FF&E we went for lots of natural materials like rattan, Calacatta marble, linen, glass, and many others. We kept the color scheme light but contrasted with bright colors. The murals and wood treatments on the walls truly beautified the space, gave it a warm yet fresh feel, and even complimented the original dormer roof. Also instead of 2 separate fireplaces, we redesigned in a single modern see through fireplace. Check out the “before” images at the end of the gallery to see the difference!


Check out the photos before and after!

The best interior designers Los Angeles

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