Urban Fairytale

Unique Interior design transformation of a Once-Drab Home Into a Restful Setting Offering Constant Delights

Urban Fairytale

Colorful Interior Design Transforms a Once-Drab Home Into a Restful Setting Offering Constant Delights


To put it simply, the original 1980s ranch-style house showed poor planning. From an awkward dormer roof to its two small living rooms, lots of inefficiently used space to one room that needlessly contained two fireplaces, it needed total rethinking. In addition, its color scheme featured a palette of mostly brown shades. Words like dark, dreary, and confusing came to mind (see the last two “before” photos above).


Almost like a fairy godmother using her magic wand to help get Cinderella ready for the ball, we set about to transform the original drab house into a magical example of colorful interior design—a bright, happy, lively, and functional space filled with always pleasing touches of exotic whimsy.  Hence the name “Urban Fairytale”.

In the process, the floor plan was reconfigured for the most effortless logical flow, and clean surfaces refreshed the spaces—accentuated by bright color. The two small living rooms were opened up to become a single generous gathering place—and the two fireplaces found new life when redesigned as a modern see-through fireplace feature.


We introduced exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces from giraffe lighting, happy mirror with exotic theme wallpapers, and whimsical modern armchairs adding a pop-up to the home.

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Popping the color.

While white walls and natural-wood floors and ceiling treatments make the interiors feel light and airy, bright pops of color—from furniture and accessories in shades of hot rose, burnt orange, and goldenrod—delight the eye at every turn.


Setting the scene in the natural world.

Like many magical tales, this one has roots in the real world thanks to the use of many natural materials including rattan, Calacatta marble, linen, and glass.


Adding enchantment with flora and fauna.

From brightly colored floral-patterned upholstery and cushions to murals of tropical foliage, a master bedroom chandelier and carpet in whimsical larger-than-life floral patterns to lush living plants, vegetation throughout the rooms creates an enchanting illusion of outdoor living while indoors. The animal world finds magical representation as well, from a large-as-life giraffe lighting sculpture to a subtle flamingo side table.


Inviting whimsy to play its part.

Still, more elements of delight await discovery at every turn, including a master bedroom sofa shaped like beautiful lips and a gleaming larger-than-life “looking glass” wall mirror guaranteed to literally put a smile on anyone’s face.



In every way, this unique interior offers the eye and the spirit endless pleasure. 

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