Elevate Your Luxury Real Estate in Newport Beach: Top 5 Strategies

Elevate Your Luxury Real Estate in Newport Beach: Top 5 Strategies

Maximizing ROI in Real Estate Development: A Comprehensive Guide

Luxury Multifunctional home

Improving and maximizing ROI is a priority in our every project, be it for custom clients or developers. Each home, as a significant investment, should possess a level of enduring value. With extensive experience in luxury development and bespoke projects, we delve into local and global real estate markets, identifying key selling points. This discernment allows us to create homes that stand out, catering to the diverse preferences of potential buyers.

TOP 5 Strategies to maximize your Luxury Real Estate Project

  1. View.
  2. Modern & Contemporary Aesthetic – Au revoir farmhouse trend!
  3. Chef’s Kitchen & Amenities  – Where Culinary Luxury Meets Functional Elegance.
  4. Open Space – Fostering Grandiosity and Versatility.
  5. Smart Home – Elevating Living through Cutting-Edge Technology.

ROI, in the context of our projects, goes beyond a financial perspective. While the desire is to infuse luxury into homes, it’s essential to balance expenses. Even in a $20 million spec home, there are limits. Thoughtful design, considering materials like marble, adds value, but marketability and return on investment depend on nuanced decisions.

In the realm of real estate, a $5 million home requires different considerations than a $20 million one. Size and view matter, but aesthetics are equally crucial. Striking this balance is at the core of our philosophy at Brana Designs. Our commitment lies in implementing these five key elements—View, Aesthetic, Kitchen, Open Space, and Smart Technology—to ensure every new build or remodel transcends expectations and stands out in the market.

Explore the Luxury Real Estate Market in Newport Beach with Brana Designs. Craft homes that uniquely blend opulence with functionality. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation and let us bring your vision to life.

1. Views that Captivate

The allure of Newport Beach lies not only in its opulent real estate but also in panoramic views. A property’s visual appeal can significantly impact its market value. Views of the ocean, cityscape, or natural landscapes can set a property apart. Newport Beach, with its scenic beauty, offers a canvas for creating mesmerizing vistas that resonate with potential buyers. Although these homes are at higher investment and that may not always be the option, it is considerable value for market value in general.

2. Embracing Modern and Contemporary Aesthetics

Embracing the ever-changing challenge of aesthetics in design is crucial. Not long ago, farmhouses were in vogue (some still appreciate them, but thankfully, they’ve largely faded away). Trends, however, are fleeting, and not every trend suits everyone, especially when overdone. Forward thinking is the goal. What will the market look like 1-5 years post-construction? The trends evolve swiftly. Transitional Era is here, and the future points to Elegant Contemporary homes with organic curves. Regardless of the trend, the objective is to craft a charming and inviting environment. This is defined through floor plan layouts, encompassing open spaces, different natural materials, a light color palette, striking textures, and unique details. The optimal approach to modern and contemporary homes involves clean lines and flexible, highly functional interiors that make a bold architectural statement.

3. Chef’s Kitchen & Amenities

The heart of an excellent kitchen is its efficient layout and cabinetry, hosting luxe appliances. Imagine a kitchen island with a 7-foot Galley Workstation boasting not one but two faucets—an epicurean experience for family and guests. From 30” Freezers and Refrigerators to Triple ovens handling everything from baking to broiling without forgetting simple microwaving (eliminating the need for an unsightly microwave)—these are the new must-haves in luxury homes. Smart technology-enabled refrigerators regulate temperature by food type, offering a view of the contents while you shop. In today’s luxury real estate market, it’s about creating a culinary experience and an elevated aesthetic meeting discerning home owners needs.

4.  Open Space & Functionality

Open floor plans that are multifunctional are a favorite, enhancing visual appeal and fostering better engagement. They not only look fantastic but also allow fluid multifunctionality throughout the home. Open spaces impart grandiosity, enabling everyone to entertain together or simply coexist. Market demand pushes for maximized bedroom count, catering to buyers as investors or those with larger families. Bedroom spaces should be designed for versatility, capable of transforming into dens, gyms, cinemas, spas, or other uses.

5. Smart Home

Smart-home technologies are now essential in the competitive real estate market. From door locks to thermostats, lighting, and solar panels—these not only provide security but also offer tangible savings. Clients frequently inquire about custom automated window treatments, spa and steam room control via phone, smoke detectors differentiating cooking smoke from more concerning issues, and solar panels providing annual energy savings. Smart moisture sensors detect leaks, potentially saving thousands in repair costs and mold remediation. Thermostats and climate control systems with smart technology adjust heating and cooling based on learned habits. Smart lighting brings savings of over 60% on lighting costs. Security systems activate floodlights, capture and store video, and provide alarms for sound, transmitting to law enforcement.

That concludes our exploration of the Luxury Real Estate Market in Newport Beach! Feel free to reach out and discuss your project with us. Let’s turn your vision into a reality!


“A glimpse into my interior design journey, providing a behind-the-scenes look at our projects, insights into current design trends, and exciting discoveries from events like Salone del Mobile in Milan and Maison & Objet in Paris, where I source inspirations for our projects.” Helena Brana, founder